Postcards from official inauguration

What a start!

We hope you all, dear colleagues, enjoyed the Semester inauguration event! Last Wednesday, the square in front of the brand-new Europa Science Experience building was full of people, who get themselves emotional with the amazing music pieces, the flag ceremony together to the speeches of many friends and collaborators of our initiative. Special thanks to the dozens of volunteers from the Spanish colleagues crew who made everything possible! Many thanks to the Swedish Semester committee, the Site Management and the authorities who joined. Also, especialmente gracias to the Spanish Embassy in Italy and Instituto Cervantes de Milán, it was a true pleasure to host you in this amazing day in Ispra!

Pictures: Jose Joaquín BLASCO MUÑOZ.

Get connected ’cause, as we usually say, “esto no ha hecho más que empezar”, it’s only the beggining!

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