Photo credits to Arjun Kachuru from Unsplash.

Sonia y Selena: “Yo quiero bailar”

August in Spain means many things, but especially the spirited “verbenas” and “fiestas de pueblo” are in full swing! You come back to your grandma’s countryside village or stay in the busy beach location, doesn’t matter! Late evening, time for meeting old or new friends, a cover band playing all same songs everybody knows and audience of all ages starts to dance! That’s the spirit! And one song which represents that its early 00s “Yo Quiero Bailar” by Sonia y Selena! This infectious hit invites you to the dance floor with its catchy beats and vibrant melodies, making it the perfect anthem for August holidays parties.

With “Yo Quiero Bailar,” Sonia y Selena crafted an infectious summer anthem that has been setting dancefloors ablaze since its release, infusing every party with its catchy melody and lively rhythms!