Photo credits to Arjun Kachuru from Unsplash.

Huntza: “Aldapan gora”

From Ispra, we delight ourselves with the stunning views of the nearby Alps… August is a perfect month for hiking, and the Basque band Huntza captivates with their song “Aldapan Gora”. The title translates to “Up the Slope” and speaks about getting lost in forests and nature, a good goal for these holidays, isn’t it? This track, infused with the rich Basque culture, blends contemporary rhythms with ancient traditions, creating a modern anthem of identity and resilience.

The song is written in Basque, also known as Euskera. It is a language with roots stretching back millennia and a distinct lack of relation to any known language. Spoken primarily in the Basque Country spanning parts of Spain and France, this ancient language has persisted against historical odds. Its complexity is evident in its unique grammar and structure, with agglutinative features that create words by attaching meaningful segments together. Euskera is an audible link to a rich history and a source of profound pride for the Basque people!