Updated events and website released!

September has finally arrived, many of you are back in Ispra after the (well-deserved) holidays and we want to rock it with more Spanish Semester vibes!

We publish now more details about the wide program of events that will follow the next weeks. Starting from a post-summer Clubhouse welcome back party (next Friday), followed by the full program of wine tasting and dance lessons. That’s not all, and we could talk endlessly all night long giving details about more culture and sport events, but… why don’t you discover them for yourself by browsing the new events page?

In fact, the website includes now a calendar system (hint: you can sincronize it with your calendar app!) and, also, a news section where you can find all the updates. The design is more visual too, and soon will follow more content regarding Spanish culture and science, a sort of little wikipedia where we will bring you homemade pieces from our country!

Stay tuned, because more content will follow soon!

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