Photo credits to Arjun Kachuru from Unsplash.

Estrella Morente: “Volver”

¡Hola! Welcome back!🌞 We are already in September! Who else has forgotten their passwords?🥺

To help you remember, this week we bring you this song by Estrella Morente (Granada, 1980). She sang it in 2006 for the movie ‘Volver’ by Pedro Almodóvar, where the actress Penélope Cruz interprets it through playback.💃

The song is a version of the tango “Volver” (To Return, in English), composed in 1934 by the singer and musician Carlos Gardel (France/Uruguay, 1890-1935) and by the poet Alfredo Le Pera (Brazil, 1900-1935).

Check out the music video in this link:…

We hope you have had a great vacation, now it is time to return to the daily chores with more strength than ever. We wish you a good return to work and enjoy the last days of summer💪