Photo credits to Arjun Kachuru from Unsplash.

Massiel: “La, la, la”

¡Hola, la, la, la!🌞

Today we bring you the song that gave Spain its first win in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1968. Massiel represented Spain and won with the song “La, la, la”.

“La, la, la” became an instant hit and remains one of Massiel’s most iconic songs. The victory at Eurovision not only solidified her status as a prominent Spanish singer but also introduced her to a global audience. Her captivating voice and stage presence endeared her to music lovers far beyond Spain’s borders. She continued to release music in the 1970s and was a prominent figure in Spanish music.

Please let’s take a moment to appreciate how Eurovision was in the 60s in the following music video! And such amazing looks!