Call for interest for the workshop ‘Flamenco self-esteem’

The Spanish Semester is organizing a workshop to approach flamenco through working our own self-esteem. This is not a conventional dance workshop, but with a different perspective for discovering rhythm and movement. In this workshop, we will learn the basics of flamenco and will mainly focus on expressive and emotional aspects rather than on purely technical aspects. Therefore, no previous knowledge, nor special cloths or shoes are needed, only your willingness to enjoy.

The teacher, Carlos Sepúlveda, is the founder of the Association Autoestima flamenca (Flamenco self-esteem). The final objective of the association is to spread flamenco as a tool for personal growth to improve our self-esteem, assertiveness, communication skills, group interactions and solidarity. We invite you to watch this video (with English subtitles) to know more details about the activity.

The workshop consists of four sessions (3 hours each). There will be a continuity along the four sessions, but each session can be attended independently:

🔹 SESSION 1: Lay the foundations. Self-consciousness. Establishing group ties.

–          WHEN: Friday October 27th 17:30-20:30

🔹 SESSION 2: Communication and confidence in the group

–          WHEN: Saturday October 28th 10:00-13:00

🔹 SESSION 3: Self-esteem, group support and solidarity

–          WHEN: Saturday October 28th 17:00-20:00

🔹 SESSION 4: Flamenco and self-expression

–          WHEN: Sunday October 29th 10:00-13:00

— WHERE: All the sessions will be in the Auditorium of the Club House, Ispra

PRICE: final prices will be announced later, once we confirm a number of participants, but we estimate it to be between 25 and 35 euros per individual session. We will apply a progressive discount if attending to two, three, or the four sessions.

🔹 CALL FOR INTEREST: In order to estimate the number of participants and the final prices, interested participants are asked to fulfil this three-question survey as a call of interest before the 4th of October.

For further information contact:

In collaboration with the JRC Dance Club.

Check the registration links here:

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