Photo credits to Arjun Kachuru from Unsplash.

Txarango: “Una lluna a l’aigua”

Bon dia a tothom!! Today we dive into Catalan music, this trip to Barcelona is about to start! The city’s main feast, “La Mercé”, came to an end last Sunday, and Txarango is a band that represents its vibe really well! This week’s song, Catalan-lyrics “Una lluna a l’aigua” (A moon on the water), means the graceful dance of the satellite on the water reflection: dance just like it, let’s tremble together just like it. This is a direct call to the explosive moment of love you can find at a popular party. Another beautiful verse of the song is “No vull tenir-te a tu, Vull amb tu tenir el temps” (I don’t want to possess you, I want to possess eternity with you”).

Txarango is a dynamic Catalan band that has left an indelible mark on the music scene with its unique “charanga” style. This innovative fusion of traditional Catalan elements with a contemporary twist has not only energized audiences but has also inspired a fresh wave of Catalan music. Txarango’s vibrant rhythms, catchy melodies, and socially conscious lyrics create a musical experience that captures the essence of Catalonia’s culture and spirit. Through their music, Txarango has sparked a renewed interest in preserving Catalan traditions while pushing the boundaries of what Catalan music can be in the 21st century, inspiring a new generation of artists to explore and celebrate their cultural heritage!