A weekend full of Spanish Semester activities!

Are you into Spanish food? Maybe flamenco? What about other folk dances? Do you want to discover the “Camino de Santiago”? If any of the answers to these questions is yes… then don’t go far from Ispra this weekend!

Federico García Lorca was not only one of the greatest poets of Spanish history: he also was a flamenco fan, so… which will be the best way to tribute his figure than a flamenco concert together to some of its poems? This will hapen on Friday 29th, at Clubhouse, from 19.30 on. Manu ImízcosRiccardo García and Antonio López “El Carbonilla” will put their music to this event, that will be accompanied by a Spanish aperitivo. Attention: registration is required, go book the last places on the reservation form!

Also from Friday 29th, Spanish painter Maribel Garrote inaugurates its watercolor painting exhibition, “The way of the Stars”, where she will share the feelings and landscapes that you can find in your way to Santiago de Compostela. At 17.00, the exhibition opens, being possible to visit until next Sunday October 1st, during the afternoon. It will take place in Comune di Ispra’s Sala Serra, sharing also space on Sunday with other amazing exhibitions: “la cartina storica di Ispra” and “mostra fotografica delle fornaci”.

Of course, if we are into Spanish traditional dances, we should absolutely not restrict ourselves only to flamenco. Such a large and diverse country has many dancing expressions, even profoundly different. Come discover them in the Spanish folk dances workshop, which will be the first part of the following course to come the following weeks. This workshop will take place on Saturday 30th afternoon at the clubhouse. It has no cost but , if planning to attend, please send an email to: giuliettabv@gmail.com

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