Photo credits to Arjun Kachuru from Unsplash.

Antonio de Cabezón: “O lux beata trinitas”

This week we are traveling with our music to the Spanish Golden Age (16-17th Centuries). Not by chance, we have an appointment with Early Music at Azzio’s Convento di Sant’Antonio next Saturday (more info:…/literary…/ ). And because of this, we are celebrating this week Antonio de Cabezón’s heritage, a brilliant composer yet unknown to the main public. In the expert circles, he is known as the “Spanish Bach”, born in a little village in Burgos in 1510, losing his sight since his youth. Cabezón worked for the Portugal and Castille royal courts, where he had the chance to travel along Europe (Milán included) together with King Felipe II. Thanks to his son, many of his composing arrived to our days, as he printed them, even if, as said, his real talent came out when he was improvising!