A Cultural Delight: Spanish Golden Age music in Azzio

On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, at 9 p.m., a captivating cultural event titled “‘Living, man dreams’. Music and words of the Spanish Golden Age” took place in the church of the San Antonio convent in Azzio (Varese), graciously hosted by the parish, Don Silvio Bernasconi. This event is framed in the JRC-Ispra Spanish Semester program. It received substantial support also from the Instituto Cervantes in Milan and the Associazione Culturale Europea (ACE).

The evening commenced with warm words of welcome from Teresa Iniesta, the director of the Instituto Cervantes in Milan. In her opening remarks, she emphasized the role of culture as a tool for fostering understanding among nations and highlighted the significance of the event in showcasing the richness of Spanish cultural expressions. Miguel-Ángel Serra, the event’s organizer from JRC-Ispra, then outlined the main objective of the event: to transport the audience back in time to the era of the Spanish Golden Age through the medium of music and recitations in Spanish.

The talented organist Lorenzo Ghielmi graced the occasion with pieces composed for the organ by Cabezón, Correa de Arauxo, Bruna, and Cabanilles. These musical interludes were skillfully interwoven with recitations by actress Pilar Pérez Aspa, who brought to life the words of literary giants such as Santa Teresa de Jesús, Miguel de Cervantes, and Calderón de la Barca. There were also two surprises, which the audience received with joy. Maestro Ghielmi and Angelo Corno alternated, respectively, playing the organ and singing Gregorian chants of the Cabanilles’ Magnificat. Furthermore, Pilar Pérez recited “Nada te turbe” by Santa Teresa in Italian after captivating the audience with the same piece in Spanish.

The event reached its conclusion with a resounding ovation from the eighty attendees. As a token of appreciation, Teresa Iniesta, director of the Instituto Cervantes in Milan, and Covadonga Astorga, president of the organizing committee for the Spanish Semester at JRC-Ispra, presented each artist with a bouquet of flowers. In summary, the event succeeded in transporting the audience back in time, creating a captivating journey through the cultural treasures of Spain’s Golden Age. It was an evening filled with enchanting music, powerful words, and delightful surprises, leaving attendees with a deep appreciation for the cultural richness of Spain and its enduring legacy.

Piezas musicales/Brani organistici/Musical pieces:

A. De Cabezón – O lux beata Trinitas https://youtu.be/nElyCCm5hXs
A. de Cabezón – Diferencias sobre el canto llano del caballero https://youtu.be/RzTsSs0VJXE
F. Correa de Arauxo – Tres Glosas sobre el canto llano de la Inmaculada Concepción https://youtu.be/tNQ6B2F9HR4
F. Correa de Arauxo – Tiento a modo de Canción https://youtu.be/LY-Am0a9KAA
F. Correa de Arauxo – Tiento XV de quarto tono https://youtu.be/tyXI-X6pJuM
P. Bruna – Tiento de secondo tono sobre la Letanía de la Virgen https://youtu.be/pGNKjKtmI1w
J. Cabanilles – Versos para Magnificat https://youtu.be/LtI7xrVL_xU
J. Cabanilles – Corrente italiana https://youtu.be/pmcyJNQxxLM
J. Cabanilles – Tiento de falsas https://youtu.be/q8jTIbs4q9g
J. Cabanilles – Tiento por A la mi re https://youtu.be/44r6UKmX_zo

Textos recitados/Testi recitati/Recited texts

Santa Teresa – Vivo sin vivir en mi https://youtu.be/acDViez2Dd8
Cervantes – Del buen suceso que el valeroso don Quijote… https://youtu.be/EDgQ85TkdQk
Calderón de la Barca – La vida es sueño, Segismundo https://youtu.be/gen5-JG2l8E
Santa Teresa – Nada te turbe https://youtu.be/mLJJiNVgIPk

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