The Spanish Semester Tournament comes to an end! And the winner is…

The Spanish semester tournament has wrapped up, and we have a winner! Sporting de Gijón takes the crown! Congratulations to the team and its captains, Covadonga Astorga and Raul Pau, for an undefeated victory in every tournament match.

Clubhouse had an exceptional eveningh last Thursday 26th. After the matches, the award ceremony took place in the restaurant, where the top-qualified teams got their prizes, also Tournament collaborators as well as its organizer, Jorge Cristóbal, who received a surprise from the teams captains!

The Birth of an Exciting Idea

In the second semester of 2023, during Spain’s presidency in the European Union, the Spanish community at the JRC had a brilliant idea: to promote Spanish culture, science, language, and products within the EU. Their answer? A thrilling 5-a-side mixed football tournament (calcetto) that drew attention of colleagues from all Europe (and beyond!).

The Unique Trophy

The “Semester Cup” trophy, designed by the talented Raul Pau, is a true work of art. Inspired by the Council of the European Union building, it honors the rotating EU presidency. Each semester’s winner gets their name etched alongside the Spanish Semester.

Tournament Highlights

Here are the numbers: 56 players (51 men and 5 women), 15 nationalities, and unforgettable moments. Eight teams kicked off the action, with two more joining in later.

Epic Semifinals and Final

The first day saw four teams battling for two coveted semifinal spots. On the second day, five more teams added to the excitement. The last day’s semifinals and final were nothing short of epic!

Final Standings

1st Place: Sporting de Gijón 🏆 2nd Place: Vivo Cuenca 3rd Place: Fuenlabrada 4th Place: Getafe

Yet, beyond the rankings, the atmosphere and camaraderie stole the show.

Teams and Sponsors Who Made It Happen

We extend our gratitude to all the teams that collaborated with us in this initiative. Initially, 8 teams were featured in the opening photo (Fuenlabrada, Betis, Getafe, Córdoba, Leganés, Vivo Cuenca, Sporting Gijón, and La Cultural Leonesa), with InterMovistar and PozoMurcia joining later. Also a huge shout-out to CALCETTO CLUB ISPRA, our event organizer, and our main sponsors, MAHOU-SAN MIGUEL and EL POZO, for keeping us fueled with Spanish delights. Real Madrid and Sevilla also joined in the fun with jersey donations.

The Future Looks Bright

The Calcetto Club of Ispra wants to make this a regular affair, adding a dash of randomness and unity to the mix. The “Semester Cup” is set to grow, and we can’t wait to see who adds their name to the trophy next. Join us in the next semester’s adventure, co-organized by Spain and Belgium! 🇪🇸🇧🇪 Get in touch if you want to be part of the action!

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