‘Freedom is Something You Take’: Theatre Play with Spanish Drinks


Join us on Thursday 7th of December, in the Clubhouse Auditorium for a theatre play in English by the Spanish Theatre Group “Colectivo Soberanas”.

We’ll offer the participants typical Spanish drinks* and snacks after the play so we can all exchange opinions and talk to the artists accompanying us in this refreshment. (*)Alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Trainees: 7€
Rest: 10€
Children under 12: Free (Play recommended for teens and adults)

Get the tickets on-site or send an email to: spanish.ispra@gmail.com

Check the Event here.


We’re brainless. We don’t know what we’re doing. But we want to do it with all our hearts.

A philosopher and a botanist will help me share my solo journey experience.
Or maybe it will be only an excuse to honour all those women who took freedom on their own.

“As you set out for Ithaka, hope your road is a long one”.

Freedom is Something You Take is an intimate and multidisciplinary theatre creation on what it means to travel alone as a woman. It’s a journal, a confession, a sigh and a shout to the air, full of movement, shadows and music.


We are a collective because we are not just us.
At the foot of creation, we are also Abel and Guille and Sofía and Victoria, and who knows how many more will come.
Between lines and shadows, we are also Jeanne and Virginie and Penelope and Mary and Amelia.
We are all those who, with their testimony, their drive and their fear, have encouraged us to speak up and move, occupying our space.

We are sovereign because we inhabit ourselves in our own right.
Whole and shared, trench and refuge. Sovereignty is the oasis we have created by taking the reins.
We proclaim ourselves self-government, resoundingly and humbly ours.


She studied at ESAD Valencia and ESMAE Porto, where she participated in the play “Moments of Young People,” selected by Raimund Hoghe, and established some of her first collective projects. Additionally, she conducted workshops in theatre and body expression for at-risk youth. She was involved with companies such as Arrel Teatre and Sala Negra, and participated in productions like “Fes-me un lloc.” She specialized in puppetry through the Professional Puppetry Course at Teatro la Estrella and workshops with Zero en Conducta and Nelo Sebastián from Vudú Teatro. Then, she also deepened voice training under María José Peris and José Aparicio “Apa”. Her training extended to India, where she co-created “Glass Expressions” and participated in programs focused on contemporary dance, yoga, kalaripayattu, and physical theatre. From this journey, she began writing and creating “Freedom is something you take.”


Student in the MEV master’s program in vocal pedagogy, holding a diploma in musical theatre and trained in classical and jazz singing and various dance disciplines. Renowned as a jazz, soul, and bossa nova singer, she has lent her voice to short films. In the acting realm, she has participated in 16 short films with the UA School of Valencia, collaborated on “Intrusión” by Vortice Producciones, and played a small role in the film “La Isla del Sur” by Orlando Bosch PIlan. She has made her mark in different artistic fields with leading roles in musicals like Chicago and Cabaret, along with roles in theatre and micro theatre.

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