Photo credits to Arjun Kachuru from Unsplash.

Los Secretos: “Pero a tu lado”

“Pero a tu lado” by Los Secretos is an iconic Spanish song that has resonated deeply with audiences since its release in 1981. The track, featured on the album “Algo más” (Something More), is a heartfelt declaration of love and commitment. With its soulful melody and poignant lyrics, the song captures the essence of enduring love and the reassurance that everything is better when shared with a loved one: in this case, the daughter of Enrique Urquijo, writer and lead singer. The poetic beauty of the lyrics, combined with the emotive vocals has made “Pero a tu lado” a timeless classic in the Spanish music landscape.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Pero a tu lado” took on new significance as people sought connection and solace during challenging times. The song’s themes of love and togetherness provided a comforting soundtrack, offering a sense of hope and unity amidst uncertainty. Los Secretos, formed in the late 1970s, have had a profound impact on the Spanish music scene, blending rock, pop, and new wave influences. “Pero a tu lado” remains a jewel in their extensive discography, showcasing the enduring power of music to provide solace and emotional connection across generations.