It’s a “hasta luego”

The Spanish Semester is coming to an end… 🙁

We are very sad but also extremely grateful to each of you who has made the Spanish Semester possible by attending our activities, supporting our ideas, giving feedback, helping, and accompanying us during these beautiful six months!

Thank you to all the collaborators who joined us in this adventure individually or with their Associations and Clubs.

And a big thank you to all the Spanish volunteers and the Organizing Committee, which, overcoming all the challenges, day after day, have carried out the management and organization of all the amazing activities we have seen.

The Semester is over, but the Spanish community in Ispra is still alive and always ready for new chapters 😉

We are delighted to hand over the baton to our Belgian colleagues and are really excited to join their activities! 😀

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2024!!
¡¡Felices fiestas y próspero año nuevo!!

¡Esto no es un “adiós”, es un “hasta luego”!

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